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Greenlight REI

Oct 28, 2022

Undoubtedly you've heard about soldiers who have returned from deployments with physical injuries – injured or missing limbs, vision, hearing, etc. But some injuries are significantly harder to see. A substantial number of soldiers experience traumatic brain injuries caused by an accident or explosion.


Since the injuries are invisible, they are harder to identify and treat. Often the symptoms are observed by friends, family members, and coworkers who witness a concerning change in personality or habits. Sometimes the injury manifests as atypical aggression or radical mood swings. Other times symptoms may be confusion, memory loss, and sleep disorders.


What is apparent is that many different medical fields may be required to heal the injuries. This need is what makes Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund so unique.


The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund builds beautiful, comfortable medical facilities adjacent to military bases. The aesthetics of the buildings are essential to provide an inviting atmosphere to injured soldiers who may be wary of therapy due to the stigmatization of psychological treatments.


The revolutionary and unique interdisciplinary care model is even more critical to the program's success. Interdisciplinary care enables the treatments to be holistic and comprehensive.


The efficacy of the interdisciplinary model is apparent from the success rate. A recent scientifically-based study showed that 90% of those treated continue their service. In addition, many of the 10% that don't return to service have other injuries that prohibit them from returning to active duty.


Aside from continuing their service, the treated soldiers preserve their families and live fulfilling and happy lives.


Highlights from the Interview:


01:25 The mission of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund 


03:03 History of the organization and the focus on traumatic brain injury


11:28 Active duty military with “invisible wounds of war” are served


13:58 A revolutionary model of care is used: “patient-centered interdisciplinary medical care”


15:43 A study shows 90% of patients treated are able to continue their service


19:55 The study focused on 7 specific symptoms and showed significant reduction in all symptoms


24:16 Kyle shares Pete’s story


25:55 Kyle shares Steve’s story


27:26 Here’s where to donate: The organization consistently receives an A or A+ rating from Charity Navigator.


30:54 How the project addresses and mitigates the stigma of psychological care


35:06 Headquarters is located on the gallery deck of the Intrepid Museum aircraft carrier in NYC.


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